Thursday, August 27, 2015

Private citizens take charge of Navajo water emergency: E.P.A. left in the dust by Navajo people

by Jock Doubleday
August 27, 2015

The E.P.A.'s Criminal Negligence

Due to egregious Environmental "Protection" Agency oversights, indeed criminal negligence, in the Gold King Mine fiasco near Durango, Colorado, over 3 million gallons of toxic mining waste-water has poured into the Animas River.

"Anima" means "life," "living," "breathing," but the E.P.A., an agency created ostensibly to protect the natural environment, has instead endangered it, outrageously, by allowing numerous documented, and easily containable, poisons to bring death and continuing illness to many life forms in and along the Animas River and beyond.

But in a reassuring official statement from the E.P.A., toxicologist Deborah McKean says she "doesn't believe wildlife will suffer significant health impacts."


Should Deborah McKean Publicly Drink the Water She Says Is Safe? 

Deborah McKean, E.P.A. Unit Chief:
"This river is restoring itself"

Perhaps E.P.A. official Deborah McKean should back up her public assurances by publicly drinking a glass (or two — why not? it's "safe"!) of this yellow water, which is filled with cadmium, arsenic, lead, copper, manganese and other metals. 

According to E.P.A. testing, arsenic in the Durango area of the Animas River reached 300 times its normal level, and lead reached 3,500 times its normal level.

Perhaps Ms. McKean would like to drink two glasses of Animas River or San Juan River water — or three, if she's thirsty. Why not? The water's "safe," right?

Or perhaps Ms. McKean, whose statements on wildlife safety have been so reassuring, would like publicly to eat a trout caught from the Animas or San Juan rivers — if indeed any fish have survived the deluge of mine tailings.

Animas River after the E.P.A.'s Gold King Mine spill

Drop Ms. McKean a line and ask her if her public stance on wildlife safety allows her to drink Animas River or San Juan River water.

Toxicology and Human Health Risk Assessment

Deborah McKean, Ph.D. (Unit Chief)

If individual E.P.A. officials are not willing publicly to drink this water, perhaps their official assurances are in fact empty promises meant to save face and to save "public service" careers. 

E.P.A. Kicked Out: "Services no longer needed" 

On Friday August 14, water delivered in huge tanks by E.P.A. contractors was rejected by the Navajo because it was contaminated with fracking industrial waste.

“The water had a pungent smell,” said Franklin Miller. “We basically told the EPA their services are no longer needed. Now the BIA is contracting other water hauling companies and their tanks are clean.” (Source: "Gold King mine spill: Navajo Nation farmers prohibit Animas river access") 

Chronology of the E.P.A.'s Criminally Negligent Mishaps, Lies, and Delays 

1. August 5 - The E.P.A. "accidentally" (?) releases 3 million gallons of mine tailings into Cement Creek, a tributary of the Animas River.

Gold King Mine tailings pollute the once beautiful Animas_River,
August 6, 2015

2. August 5-7 - The E.P.A. fails to notify the states of Utah and New Mexico that the spill is headed their way.

3. August 9 - The E.P.A assures residents along the Animas River that wildlife has not been endangered by a toxic spill so dense that the bottom of the river could not be seen for weeks.

4. August 14 - The E.P.A. delivers to affected Navajo people tanks of "drinking water" contaminated by visible fracking industrial wastes.

E.P.A.-deliver water tank containing fracking industrial wastes

5. August 26 - The E.P.A. withholds relevant documents from Congress. 

The E.P.A.'s Criminal Track Record in Megatoxic Emergencies 

Remember 9/11? — when Rothschild Zionists took down three buildings in New York City by controlled demolition and blamed that disaster on two planes steered by Muslims with box cutters?

What was the E.P.A.'s response after three skyscrapers were reduced to dust in the space of a few hours?

Dust from controlled demolition fills the air on 9/11

The agency issued a statement saying that the air — full of particles of exploded metals, glues, lead, and asbestos, among other substances — was "safe to breathe."

Thus, the E.P.A. is no stranger to absurd and criminally negligent safety assurances.  

Who will go to prison for the government's criminal negligence in the case of 9/11 and in the case of the Gold King Mine?

No one.

Why not? Because government is the best non-accountability that psychopaths can buy. 

Facebook Crowd-Sourcing Page Created!

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NavajoBlue Facebook Page

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EcoloBlue water generator, which takes water from the air
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