Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tickling Hillary: Little-Known Enhanced Interrogation Technique May Be the Only Way to Recover Data in Deleted Emails

Author's Note: Before this article begins, I am going to attempt to make one thing perfectly clear: I do NOT advocate torturing anyone, for any reason. Is that clear? Probably not, since most Americans educated in the Rothschild indoctrination camps known as public schools can't understand the English they're reading. So let me write my disclaimer in a more detailed and a much more personal way. I am not a psychopath like Rothschild minion Hillary Clinton. I don't have a trail of dead bodies in my wake (0, in fact). I don't work hand-in-hand with the greatest monsters in modern history, the Rothschild family, to balkanize, divide and conquer, wreck the world, poison it, destroy everything good and noble about humanity, destroy the food chain, corrupt the very structure of life itself. This is the legacy of the Rothschilds and the Rothschild-funded Illuminati pedophiles who are vampiring energy from young children, mostly young boys, building leaking nuclear power plants on fault-lines, and endeavoring to destroy the very possibility of a future for life on Earth. Everything I am, in my core, stands against everything Hillary Clinton is in her core and everything her banker masters love: ugliness, lying, corruption of every kind, death, darkness. Now, if that wasn't clear, contact Jeb Bush for some more Common Core education. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


A Nipple a Day . . . 

This is a photo of Natalie Portman from an article titled, "Natalie Portman's Nipples Perking Up - A Photo With Hillary Clinton."

Photo from article titled, "Natalie Portman's
Nipples Perking Up - A Photo With Hillary Clinton"
Why am I posting a photo of actress Natalie Portman in an article about Hillary Clinton's 32,000 deleted private emails? (You can find the Washington Times article about her deleted emails here.)

A Tickling Brother

First, let me journey back to childhood, for a moment, to a time when I invaded my older brother's room to stave off boredom. He was 3 years older than I was, and he knew a lot of things I didn't know, and I loved to learn. He also had hundreds of books in his room, most of which I read by the time I was 16. 

He was very accommodating to his younger brother, most of the time. But on those occasions when he wanted me out of his room, he would warn me that he was going to tickle me, and if I didn't get out of his room in 10 seconds, or so, he would tickle me. 

I was stubborn, so I often stayed. I was able to take the tickling for a long time, when it occurred, but eventually I would give in and leave his room feeling quite tickled.

Tickling Hillary

Let me suggest a method for recovering the information in Hillary Clinton's 32,000 deleted emails. 


If, after some amount of tickling, Mrs. Clinton -- or should we say, "the lesbian known as Mrs. Clinton" -- does not tell her tickler who the 32,000 (or more) deleted emails were sent to and/or received from then the tickling would continue until the lesbian known as Mrs. Clinton finally did give up her master's name(s). 

The American people, and presumably everyone else on the planet, would like to know who the lesbian known as Mrs. Clinton has been working for, these several decades, since it's clearly not the American people or the citizens of Earth.

Hillary's Tickler 

Question: Who should Hillary's tickler be? 
Answer: Actress Natalie Portman

Question: Why?
Answer: Because we don't want to scare Hillary. We're good people. 

We're not monsters. As the photo above shows us, Hillary has at least a passing acquaintance with Natalie, and Natalie seems to be happy to be in the presence of this politically powerful and well-toothed woman. They will get along in the "tickling chamber" as security cameras broadcast the event live around the world.

Is Tickling "Enhanced Interrogation"?

Some would call tickling "enhanced interrogation." My brother might even agree. But I survived lengthy tickling sessions in quite good spirits. In my adult life, I am able to write blogs, have friendships, defend nature from Rothschild monsters, and even love. 

So I can personally attest -- and parents and brothers and sisters from all over the world since the beginning of human history can also attest -- that tickling is an activity without lasting deleterious psychological effects, but, gosh darn it, downright fun -- for all parties!

No one wants to torture the Rothschild minion known as Hillary. Good people just want the information in the emails she has (for some reason) deleted. And more information that that, if she doesn't mind.

Having obtained this information which Hillary has endeavored to memory-hole, we good people will likely discover that all roads lead to the City of London (different from London), which the Rothschild bankers inhabit like stealthy cockroaches, and the Vatican, whose sole fiscal agents the Rothschild bankers are.

Hillary's "tickle testimony" will be crucial in putting the Khazarian bankers known as Rothschild ("Red Shield") in prison, where informed persons know these monsters belong.

It Begins? No.

A few minutes ago, while writing this article, I noticed a post on The Drudge Report: "It begins"

The post was in regard to this quite new article:

"AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records"

But in fact, nothing begins. 

A.P. is owned by the Rothschilds, the same psychotic, transhumanist, eugenics-loving family that the Hillary robot-psychopath works for. Don't be fooled for a moment. 

If A.P. gets its hands on Hillary's records, the only emails you'll ever see are the ones that don't matter.

We need a different method: tickling.

A Day Free from the Rothschild Fish-Hook in Your Side?

My friends, I hope you have a Rothschild-free day. But Rothschild-controlled central banks are in pretty much every nation that matters except for Iran and Russia, so let's just say that I doubt you will have a Rothschild-free day, since every dollar you earn, hold, or spend is a financial fish-hook in your side.

Debt-slaves, have a Rothschild-minimizing day. 

Sorry, that's the best I can do, right now, because Hillary Clinton's managers, the Rothschild bankers, are still free and their central banks are running like great machines on the blood of humanity.

Let's tickle Hillary and take those fuckers down.