Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Valentine's Day, Let's Divorce the Rothschild Trinity of Control

Radical Islam (Rothschild Islam) is the same as Rothschild Zionism in that neither has anything to do with the vast majority of good-hearted people who are Muslims and Jews.

I live in Visoko, Bosnia — which is 99.9% Muslim. The people in this town are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Their children are precious: just like yours!!!


The young people put on plays . . .

. . . and sell scrumptious krompiruša (potato roll) and burek (meat roll) and zeljanica (cheese and spinach roll) . . .

The adults do their best in a bankers' world . . .

They even put up Christmas decorations . . .

No one here wants to conquer anyone or even has time to consider that, because they're just living day to day, loving their families like everybody else on the planet, trying to survive in a Rothschild-controlled economy. No one is beheading anybody.

Let's use our common sense and ask: Where did ISIS get all those new trucks? 

Answer: The House of Rothschild. The bankers rounded up some riff-raff and told them to perform for a paycheck — and that's "ISIS." . . . ISIS is a Rothschild job. ISIS has no center, no core, no mission.

The world is sick and tired of Rothschild false-flags that blame entire groups for the actions of a few. Let's not let bankers create a clash of civilizations that ends in total war.

The Rothschilds work in a very small city called the City of London. They are also the sole fiscal agents of another very small city, Vatican City. And of course they run Washington, D.C., another small area. 

None of these cities are part of the countries in which they are located. They are separate entities, parasites on their respective nations and the world. 

Good humanity has the option of divorcing itself from the bankers who are destroying economies and the very biosphere (all life) from these centers of control. 

This Valentine's Day, let's divorce the globalist Trinity of Control.